Vampire diaries season 9. Renewal Status, Release Dates and Updates

Vampire diaries are a series that has aired its eight seasons. The last season had its conclusion in October 2016, October 16th, and March 2017. After that, a series of episodes were released by Netflix.

The series has been very famous from its first season to the 8th season. Many viewers were in love with the series. Viewers, therefore, have the quest to have the next season airing soon. 

Netflix has many viewers and a vast audience that was in love with Vampire diaries. A question of having the 9th season has been a trending topic. Each viewer has the urge to have the 9th season hence the question of when it will release or whether it is canceled.

Vampire Diaries
Vampire Diaries

It has taken over three years since the last season. The long silence has been a source of impatience for viewers and the fans of Vampire Diaries. The hope of having the 9th season is still very high. 

The play is adopted from a write up of a novel that still exists. Season 8 didn’t cover the whole novel hence the need to have more seasons. Although it has been long since it last aired, there is hope for having the next season airing soon. Below are more details about season 9.

Is season 9 of vampire diaries renewed or canceled?

The founder of the series Jukie Plec confirms that there will not be season 9 at the moment. However, the ending of the 8th season did not mark the end of the series. There are still very high hopes that there will be season 9. 

On Netflix, where the show aired its eight seasons, it is also under cancellation. However, due to its massive number of followers, there is hope for having the 9th season. The most exciting thing with many shows is that they get renewed at a later date.

Recent news from the makers indicates that the Vampire series season 9 has been renewed. It also has some significant changes, including additional content, scenes, and cast date,

Release date of vampire diaries season 9

The good news is that the show has been renewed. There is news that there are possibilities of having new actors and fresh iconic roles. However, there has not been official communication about the cast and plotline.

Shooting is expected at the end of the coronavirus pandemic. However, if all the things move on well, there are possibilities of having the 9th season released by March 2021. More communication about the release date will be from the makers. Its release is taking place three years after the airing of season 8.

The cast of vampire diaries season 9

Vampire Diaries Season 9

The faces that were featured on the eight seasons are likely to feature in the 9th season. Famous faces such a Stephan Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder, and Kat Graham, among others, will feature on the 9th season. There are also very high hopes that each character will assume their role in the previous seasons.

Cast members such as Matt Davis, Candice King, Zach Roerig, Kristen Gutoskie, Allison Scagliotti, Tierney Mumford, Demetrius Bridges, Michael Malarkey, Wole Parks, Joel Gretch, and Nathalie Kelley will make the 9th season memorable. We should, however, wait for more communication from the makers.

The plot of vampire diaries season 9

The series’s flow as it started and continued from the first season will continue in season 9. Season 9 will therefore take the form of the previous seasons. This show has many characters who make the possibilities of having twists very high.

The upcoming season will have various changes in terms of the twist. It is because of the expected change in characters. However, the show will be more captivating with an increased number of viewers.

A clear illustration of the test between Damon and Bonnie will make the season lovelier. More complicated twists and challenging encounters will feature in the season. 

However, we should still wait for more precise information about the season. The makers have the best information, which we will update once they release it.

Updates of Vampire diaries season 9

There is very little known about the release, and the status of vampire diaries season 9. There are possibilities of having the show continuing by March 2021. We also have information that there shall be a change in the cast and the plot of the 9th season. 

We expect more information about the plot, cast, and where the show shall air. Our work, as usual, is to provide timely updates and information as we get it. Stay tuned for the latest information from the makes as it arises.


Vampire Diaries is a series that has won the hearts of many people. However, since the release of the 8th season, there has been a colossal break that raises questions about the 9th season. Although Netflix the show, the makers have done a renewal. More updates about the season will feature as they come.

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