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Tidelands Season 2. Release Date, Cast, and Updates

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Tidelands are a show that rocked because of its focus on supernatural powers. 14th December 2018 is when the show first emerged on Netflix and won many viewers. The Australian show has aired its first season on Netflix, hence waiting for a second season.

About Tidelands

The first series shows this man who is a criminal. He is half-human, half siren. It left many questions that are believed to be answered in the second season when it wrapped up. The show’s performance is excellent as it gained many viewers.

However, having bounced back during the first season, there are doubts if there shall be a second season or not. The creators of the show are Stephen M. Irwin and McGrath Leigh. The Australian audience has made the show very famous hence its high ratings.

What brings more hope about the coming of the second season is the 7.0 IMDB ratings. The characters are exceptional, which is a contributing factor to the success of the show. It has a universal focus that makes it more lovable to the fans.

Tidelands season 2


Everyone, and especially the Australian audience, have very high hopes for the second season. We can also be sure that the show will be back soon because the creators must have loved the show. Being in the form of a business, the series has great rewards.

The love and support of having the show by Netflix have made many users demand its come back. Having won the hearts of many people, it will be very unfair for the audience. We should therefore wait for an update very soon that will make the outcome very useful.

The big question about the show, therefore, is if it is either renewed or canceled. We have some information that we could quickly gather regarding the performance of the second season.

Has Tidelands season 2 been canceled or renewed?

There has been doubting of having the second season airing soon. Netflix claims not to have received any information from the makers with regards to the second season. However, the chances of having it very soon are very high because Netflix has a space for the airing of the show.

Reviews show that there is a healthy future for Tidelands on Netflix. The show has not been suspended or renewed. It is in an unknown status. Immediately the makers communicate, we shall have an update.

Release of Tidelands season 2

There hasn’t been any confirmation about the specific date of release of the second season. However, there are still hopes that we shall have a release of a new series in 2021. Such speculation may be in the early months of 2021 or later the same year. 

What tends to hold the production and release of the series is the global pandemic. It has which has taken much part in 2020. There may be some delays before the video is released hence the lack of clarity.

The cast of Tidelands season 2 

Tidelands Cast


There are hopes that the cast of the first season will feature in the second season. Each member will reprise the role they assumed in the first season. The perfection of the first season makes each cast member qualify to do the same on the second season.

Some of the cast members that will feature in the second season include the following. Charlotte Best, Marco Pigossi, Aaron Jakubenko, Mattias Inwood, Dalip Sondhi, Caroline Brazier, Elsa Pataky, Jet Tranter, Alex Dimitriades, Richard Davies, Peter O’Brien, Cate Feldman, Brad McMurray, and Madeleine Madden.

There are also many supporting cast who are likely to feature in the second season too. 

The plot of Tidelands season 2 

The story in the first season has many loopholes that suggest the second season shall be a continuation. Wherever the first season stopped is where the second will peak from. The story features a man who is a former criminal. 

He returns to his home, which is a small village, and goes to Ophelia bay. Fishers do their regular tasks, but they find siren-human hybrids, which prove dangerous. Their name is Tidelanders.

They begin doing investigations to know the hidden facts about the creatures. In the second season, we should expect a mission to reveal the truth to take place. More twists and adventure are therefore expected in the second season.

Tidelands season 2 updates

So far, there are no updates about the second season. We are, therefore, on high alerts to ensure that we get information and update you. Therefore, the best for you is to stay on high alerts as we try to gather facts for you.


Tidelands season 2 is a show that is full of drama, suspense, and challenging encounters. The first season was worth watching, and so is the second season. We are tuned to bring you any updates that makers make available.

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