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Shannara Season 3. Renewal Status, Release Date, and Updates

Shannara chronicles

Shannara chronicles are one of the most famous shows of fantasy and drama. It is a series with stories based on a novel named ‘The Sword of Shannara trilogy.’ The author of the novel is Terry, while the makers of the series are Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

About Shannara Chronicles

The first season of the series featured in 2016, while the second took over in 2017. After that, there has been a gap between the second and the third season. Such a gap raises questions about whether the second season will finalize or the third one.

The fantasy land of Allamon is where the Shannara chronicles story revolves around. The land has magical trees that play a huge role in shutting off monsters. Monsters are held and shut off because once they get to the earth, they become destructive.

However, the princess deeds have a considerable impact. She makes the leaves tumble, which results in the escape. This story was filmed in New Zealand, with its production coming from the MTV production development.

Shannara Chronicles Renewal

Season 3

MTV first did the airing of the show. However, it later moved to spike, which is regarded as the primary network. The flow of the show, therefore, continued as usual. However, the flow convinced the critics who read the story that makers influenced the storyline. 

Alcrus is the magical tree that the four lands were protecting. In the story, we meet Dagda Peacock, who is the main antagonist. Dagda’s powers begin to increase when the Electric tree sheds off. The story twist begins when the Princess makes mistakes that led to the release of the demons.

Since the end of the second season, the third season has not been released as expected. There are still questions as to whether there shall be season 3 or not. Below are our findings.

Is Shannara Season 3 canceled or renewed?

Shannara Season 3 was canceled by MTV. Initially, during the first season, the show had many viewers. However, during the second season, the number of viewers began to deteriorate, which led to the cancellation.

MTV, therefore, canceled it because of having low ratings. The change of channels was a strategy to gain many fans, but the outcome was the complete opposite.

It is also estimated that due to low performance, the producers didn’t have adequate resources to prepare for the third season. 

Shannara Season 3 release date

The second series of the Shannara featured on 22nd November 2017. Its cancellation does not mean that the show ended there. High chances are another streaming service will pick up the airing of the show.

The possible channels include Amazon, Netflix, and Sonar.  Talking about the platform for airing at this moment seems too early. What we can do best is wait for official communication from the makers of the show. 

Once the show is renewed, we can quickly arrive at the time when it will release.

Shannara Season 3 cast 

The central character of the play is Austin Butler. He plays a role as half-elf and half-human. Poppy Drayton continues playing the role of the Princess. Ivana Baruero is a dead person raised by thieves. Others include Manu and Bennet, who are human and finally Druid, known to have lived for over 300 years.

Apart from the main characters, many others play very supportively. There are hopes that each character will keep playing the part they played in the previous season. Supporting characters are well known for making the play lovelier.

The plot of Shannara Season 3

Shannara chronicles plot


The plot is generally built from a fantasy world with an exciting storyline. After the relinquishment of humans, Princess, half-elf Wil and Eretria begin an adventure to find a way to have their living territories’ demons.

In the beginning, the demons return to the four lands, and the protagonist has to take up the role of saving the realm. The story carries a universal appeal that makes it compatible with many areas.  Unpredictability dominates the whole show making it difficult to differentiate between the ‘game of thrones’

In the third season, we expect the continuation of the story to continue. Considering that the second season left questions, we expect the third season to answer the second season’s holes.

Updates on Shannara Season 3

So far, we have no updates as to when it will release the cast and the plot. There is also no trailer to symbolize the coming of the third season. We shall, however, keep you updated on any advancements and updates.


Shannara Season 3 is likely to be full of adventures. In the previous seasons, the story is very entertaining, full of suspense and fantasy. Although there are no updates about the third season, we hope that there shall be a tangible update very soon. Keep in touch.

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