Ray J Net Worth. How Much is Ray J Worth?

Ray J is a famous American singer, an actor, and a television personality. He is the first cousin to Snoop Dogg and a blood brother to Brandy Norwood.  His net worth at the moment is estimated to be above $8 million. Other sources indicate that the specific figure could be $14 million.

The best thing about him is that he has been able to explore the music industry. As a result, it has been easy for him to get wealthy from the industry. His counterparts have been substantial role players in ensuring that he makes it to the top.

How much is Ray J worth?
William Norwood

Personal details

  • Celebrity Name: Ray J
  • Full Name: William Raymond Norwood, Jr.
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: January 17th, 1981
  • Birth Place: McComb, Mississippi, United States
  • Age: 39 years
  • Height: 1.7 m
  • Weight: 74 kg
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Status: Married
  • Wife: Princess Love
  • Girlfriend: N/A
  • Children: Melody Love Norwood
  • Profession: Television personality, songwriter, entrepreneur, actor, and singer
  • Net Worth: $8 million

Early life and biography

Ray J was born in 1981, January 17th, at Mississippi McComb in the USA. His parents are Sonja Norwood and Willie Norwood. He also appreciates an older sister’s presence by Brandy’s name, a very famous recording artist.

At as early as eight years, Ray J began appearing in different commercials. He, therefore, marked the beginning of his career while still very young. As an acting artist, he got exposed to the media at a very early stage.

He got married to Princess Love in 2016, who is also a counterpart in ‘Love and hip hop: Hollywood.’ However, in his past, he has had several relationships with Olivia Alvarez, Joana Hernandez, Monica Leon, Lil Kim, Ann Hill, Kim Kardashian, and Mill Milano.

2014 was a bad year for him after he got arrested because of vandalism. In July, he got arrested for sexual battery, vandalism on police cars, and resisting an arrest.  Back in 2011, he was again involved in a feud that involved fabulous.

His life has had challenges, but the outcome in his career has been excellent. Winning has been after him in several instances.

Ray J Career

The music career began when he was nine years. In 1995 the beginning of the real journey began in Elektra Records. Within two years, he was able to produce his first album ‘Everything You Want.’ Another release that was a hit was in 2001 by the title ‘This Ain’t a Game.’

In 2005, ‘Radiation’ rocked the markets.  2008 marked the release of his number one album ‘All I Feel.’  His journey continued till 2018 where he released ‘Redemption.’ He also possesses a Soundtrack and a mixtape of albums.

Among many of his popular singles, you will love some that have been contributors to his success. they include ‘Let It Go,’ ‘One Wish,’ ‘Another Day in Paradise,’ ‘I Hit It First,’ ‘Wait A Minute,’ ‘Famous,’ And ‘Sexy Can I.’

In DJ Absolute shows, he has performed very well as a featured artist. New Boyz and Lil Fiz have also enjoyed the services of Ray J as a featured artist. As many artists do, Ray J has not been left behind in television shows.

Black Sash and Wild N Out have been the shows he served in 1993 and 1994. He also appeared in 1994 in a movie called ‘The Enemy Within.’ More credits on acting include ‘shark,’ ‘Moesha,’ and One Love.

He was featured as a host in ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle.’ On the Rickey Smiley Show‘ and many other shows he also appeared to. His career has, therefore, been a very successful one.  

Achievements and awards of Ray J

Ray J 2
Ray J Achievement

Among his many achievements are Ray J has been an excellent actor. He has not had specific awards all through his career, but several achievements have set his pace. Some of the achievements have been on releasing music and featuring in various shows. Below are a few examples.

  • Everything You Want achieving in 1997
  • This Ain’t A Game attained in 2001
  • Radiation achieved in 2005)
  • Envy in 2005
  • All I Felt in 2008
  • For the Love of Ray J achieved in2009
  • A Day in the life achieved in 2009

He has not had many nominations and awards. However, his engagement in various shows has been quite impressive. Therefore, it is clear that his primary source of income has been purely from doing and selling his work.

His significant achievement has, therefore, been doing his work well.

Salary and net worth of Ray J

As of December 2020, Ray J’s net worth has been estimated to be more than $8 million.  Contribution towards his success has been from the many singles he has released. Most of his wealth has also been accrued from featuring in various television shows. 

He has participated in many reality shows, which have been a success. He has also featured on films that have been determinants in earning vast amounts of money.


Ray J has been an excellent performer. His participation in many shows and events has been a significant determinant in achieving success. One unique thing with him is that his wealth has been purely from his work. Compared to other artists, awards and nominations have not been part of his story.

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