Punisher Season 3. Release Date, Storyline, and Updates

Among the best-written shows on Netflix is The Punisher. It has been among the best-performing shows that have gained many viewers. The combination of the performance and the script suggest that there shall be a second series.

The Punisher

The lovely thing with The Punisher narrative is that there could be something serious to resolve at any point. It is full of action, drama, and war encounters that make it a better series. Frank Castle, the criminal, in this case, has been responsible for revenging his family’s death twice.

The Netflix version is more disturbing because the character is happy to murder the criminals. The worst thing about it is that after the killings are made, he claims that nothing is personal and criminals are meant for death,

After Frank retires, he begins another story where he sheds of his identity.  He uses automatic machines to harm and disappoint his friends and everyone within him. The US government is not left aside as he becomes a headache to it.

The Punisher
The Punisher

The Punisher appears in a chronology of shows and comes after Luke Cage Season 2. In the second season, Turk is likely to mention his criminal friends who have been disrupting town activities for some time.

The connection between the series bearing the different names but with the same characters make it lively. Viewers are therefore in love and in the urge to know what comes next. It is also the reason why the show has gained fame and gave birth to many viewers.

At the moment, the question is whether there shall be season 2 or the show will transit. Shall there be a change of name after the first season, or shall we continue with The Punisher season 3?

The Punisher season 3: canceled or renewed

It is now some time since The Punisher season one ended. The first season it premiered in November 2017.  After the second season, there was a cancellation of the series by Netflix. The reason for the cancellation was that the original deal got disconnected from the defenders.

The Punisher season 3 release date

One thing that happens when such shows happen is that they never take a year before the next season is released. We initially projected that the next season would come either in 2019 or 2020.  This year has not been possible because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The chances of having it in 2021 are therefore very high.

What next for The Punisher

The Punisher renewal status
What’s Next?

Is the show transiting to another name, or will it proceed with the second season? The makers of the show can well answer this question. The first season ended without concluding many things. Such an ending, therefore, creates hope for the third season.

However, such a delay usually results in having a new series with a different name. We should therefore expect to have some change in the show.

The Punisher season 3 cast

Most characters that participated in the first season are likely to be part of the second season. In case there shall be some changes, there are high possibilities that the main characters will join the show, and other new faces will come in.

Some of the crew members likely to be on the second season include Giorgia Whigham, Josh Stewart, and Floriana Lima. Floriana Lima is one of the new faces that are expected to feature. She will play the part of Dr. Krista Dumot. The makers haven’t yet released the cast alignment.

The Punisher season 3 storyline

At the ending of the second season, several incidences occur. They are likely to be concluded in the second season. Such incidences include Frank getting broken from jail. Billy Russo gets hospitalized. 

The third season is, therefore, likely to pick from the point that the first season ended. However, when Netflix picks up the show, we see Frank on the run. He can no longer stay in a single place and is busy killing those responsible for the murder of his family, including Russo.

On the other hand, Russo is still in the hospital. For several months he is undergoing recovery from memory losses and some physical injuries. So what happens next for Frank and Russo because they are still on a mission?

Updates on The Punisher season 3

There have not been any recent updates regarding The Punisher season 3. We hope that there shall be an update soon, which shall guide viewers on what is coming next on the show. As soon as some information about the cast, plot, and season anything about it is provided, we shall quickly update.


The Punishers season 3 will premiere, or there shall be a transition. However, having it happening is very high because the first season did not conclude correctly. We shall, however, keep you posted on any advancement about the show.

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