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On My Block Season 4. Release Date, Cast, and Plot

On My Block series

On my block season is a show that was very captivating to many users. The quest for having season 4 has been very high among the fans. In terms of popularity, it has been one of those famous Netflix shows.

About On My Block

The drama featured in 2018, and immediately after it started, viewers fell in love with it. The entertainment brings together hilarious actions, drama, heartwarming friendship, and some action. Viewers who love comedy have found this show to be one of the best.

The third season has a lovely coverage of the Santos and the kidnapping of Caesar, Jamal, Monse, and Ruben. A lot of comedy dominates both seasons.  A question on separating the kids has dominated the whole series.

The first three seasons always have premiered in March. In the first three seasons, we see the cast members working together as a team, and you would think they are a family. All attempts to have them separate have kept failing.

On My Block Plot


The third season ended in a cliffhanger. It, therefore, leaves suspense on what season 4 would have. Several questions arise as to what would come after the end of the third season. Could it mark the end of the series, and if not, what shall season 4 come with?

At the ending of the third season, we see Ruby getting teased. So what happens to Caesar remains suspense. Core friendship among the casts gets maintained, making it hard to determine its future. Jasmine and Ruby continue with dating making the question about separating them much harder.

The big question has been about the fourth season. How shall it be different compared to the previous seasons? Will it have changed, or will it continue with the same path taken by the first three seasons. We have gathered the following information with regards to the 4th season.

Cancellation or Renewal of On My Block Season 4

According to the information released by Netflix, the series has been renewed.  After season 3 ended, The makers announced the fourth season to be underway. It took only a few months to have the report released by Netflix.

The third season ended in March 2020, and there are hopes that the fourth season is in the making process. Being a popular show among the teens, it has many viewers, which lowers the chances of having it canceled.

Release of On My Block Season 4

 The most exciting thing about the On My Block series is that the season’s release in March.  The hope of having season 4 releasing is therefore by March 2021. 

There is limited information about the release of the 4th series from Netflix and the makers. Delay in production may have an impact on making the release date. The cast crew’s safety and the coronavirus pandemic tend to determine how quickly the show will be ready.

The release date may therefore be at a later date after March 2021. What we can do at the moment is to stay tuned for an update.

The cast of On My Block Season 4

On My Block Cast


There is no news about who will feature on season 4 and who will not. On the 4th season, each cast member will assume the role they played in the previous seasons. Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Diego Tinoco, Julio Macias, and Jessica Marie will feature in the 4th season.

Don’t expect any significant changes concerning the cast. However, if there shall be any, we shall keep you updated.

The plot of On My Block Season 4

The story will have a continuation of flow from the 3rd season. The season will be more dramatic unlike the past seasons. One lovely thing about the 4th season is that the crew shall find itself in a new dilemma and drama.

Discussing the ending of the 3rd season, we find that the friends who once grew together are parting.  The mutual friendship between the cast members takes a different route. Ruby is no longer with Bret.

The ending of the season is too realistic and heartbreaking. A traumatic feeling towards the end of the 3rd season leaves the urge to see how the characters cope with the 4th season. The 4th season will provide an answer about how well each will manage to live without the other.

Updates: On My Block Season 4

Currently, there are no updates about the 4th season. Also, there is no trailer for the 4th season.

 However, we shall provide an update whenever we have any information.


On My Block Season, 4 is an exciting series. It is full of drama and comedy that makes it win many viewers. How the characters who were once together manage staying without each other gives real inspiration to the next season. We will provide updates about the 4th season as soon as we get them.

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