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Knightfall Season 3. Release Date, Cast, and Plot


Knightfall is one of those historical dramas that have won the attention of many people. The show has a considerable number of followers since the release of its first season. The show began airing on December 6th, 2017, and in 2018, the second season got restoration.

About Knightfall

On March 25th, 2019, the series released the second season. Fans received its release with applause that resulted in the nomination of the best series. The show, therefore, won the 44th Saturn award for the best fantasy awards.

On continued watching, the show began losing its followers in the second season. It recorded a sharp fall of viewers with a record of a 50% drop. The doubt has therefore created doubts of having the second season airing soon.

Rumors have it that the third season is coming soon. However, there is still a controversy about when the show will release the third season and what it will probably come along with. The ending of the second season leaves a huge gap that can only be filled by another season.

Knightfall Details

About Knightfall

The play is full of drama, action, and betrayal. The continuation to the third season has very high possibilities of having some revenge due to betrayal; a lot has to be told about the storyline of the series.

One of the most important things that we need to learn about the storyline is the pope clement. The story of the knights in the temple was very profound, with its leader being Landry Du Lauzon. He is a strong warrior who got daunted by Templars. 

As a result, numerous failures feature in the holy land. In a hustle, the pope fails his people hence the rise of the need to have revenge. The ending of the second season leaves everything in suspense, not knowing what would come next.

Knightfall season 3; Renewed or canceled

The status of the third season at the moment stands renewed.  Tom Cullen reveals that more needs to be told, which can only feature in the third season. It is, therefore, a little bit doubtful that the show may end up getting canceled.

As we stand, we are very hopeful that the third season will be back on the air very soon. Therefore, we are tuned to give you a report in case there will be any information released about the release or the show.

Knightfall season 3 release date

The latest news about the series indicates that the shooting has been held up. Shooting has not ended because of the global coronavirus epidemic.  Very little is known about when it will probably release the third season.

We cannot ignore the appropriations of having the 3rd season releasing by June 2021.  We have very high hopes that the show will release season 3 before the end of 2021.

Cast of Knightfall season 3


Main Cast

Earlier reports clearly show that Tom Cullen will appear in the third season. Jim Carter, who acts as the pope, will also feature in the season. More members likely to be in the third season include Mark Hamil, Ed, Stoppard, Sarah Sophie, Power Delaney, Simon Merellas, Tom Forbes, and Julian Ovenden.

However, it is expected that each person will assume the role they still played in the show. There may be new faces in case there are any additional characters in the plotline. In case the shooting continues despite the coronavirus pandemic, there are chances that changes in the acting areas will also feature.

The plotline of Knightfall season 3

The third season will pick up from where the second season left. The second season shows the murdering of the arch-nemesis, who happens to be King Philip. After picking up from where it left, the story will shift its attention to pope clement. 

Pope Clement is known as a betrayer of the Templars and goes against God. The outcome of all this is that he ends up being a puppet of Philip. High expectations of having challenging encounters, twists, and turns make the show’s most significant part.

Expectations of having revenge on Pope Clement are high as he proves to be excellent at betrayal. A straightforward plotline will come as the show makers release accurate and timely information.

Updates about Knightfall season 3

So far, there are no latest updates as to when the show will release. We are very hopeful that the third season is coming soon. We are also tuned for any updates that the makers may pass across regarding the third season. 

About the trailer, there is no communication regarding it. We are, however, we are very hopeful that there shall be one very soon.


Knightfall season 3 is likely to release very soon. Although the makers have released very little information about the third season of the show, we hope it will be back on air in the next few months. Stay tuned as we shall provide timely and accurate information.

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