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Kingdom Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew, and Latest Updates

Kingdom Season 3

The Kingdom is known as one of the highly-rated South Korean TV shows, which take us back to the medieval era of ancient times. This historical era thriller series is an Original Netflix series in Korean under the direction of Kim Seong Hun and written by Kim Eun-Hee.

In case you have not yet watched the hit Korean series, then believe us, it is about time you add it to your watch list. Kingdom is created under the inspiration of a novel entitled “The Kingdom of Gods,” and Kim Eun-Hee wrote it.

After back-to-back hits of two incredible and successful shows about the zombies, the previous seasons of Kingdom received several positive reviews from the viewers and surmount as an International sensation after being streamed on the Netflix originals.

Kingdom is known as one of the best zombie shows, which bring out the new version of the genre. The show takes the audience through an enjoyable journey in each episode exploring a recent escapade. The average rating of the series Kingdom 8.9 on IMDB rating is even higher than the Oscar-Winning movie “parasite.”

However, many audiences find it more eye-catching as season 2 was released during the global outbreaks of COVID-19. The viewers could easily relate to it because of its excellent execution of real-life scenarios, which portrays in the previous seasons.

The impact of its supernatural suspense and horror genre makes the audience stay engaged to the conclusion of season 2 and then for the next season to arrive. The well-known Netflix compilation of the Korean series is entirely based on The Kingdom of the Gods with the help of Kim Eun-hee and Yang Kyung-il.

Kingdom Season 3: Release Date

Followed by the direction by Kim Eun-hee, Kingdom established an outstanding reaction from the viewers all around the world. Season 2 of the Kingdom series hit the screens in March 2020 during the pandemic and turned out to be a huge hit globally.

Now, the viewers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kingdom season 3. There are some speculations about Netflix’s original Kingdom season 3, its storyline, and release date. Unfortunately, there is no official announcement regarding the release date of the series.

The narrative of the thriller show Kingdom revolves around Prince Lee Chang, who sees a building crammed with dead bodies all over while he was out wandering and investigating the subject of his father’s ill health.

Surprisingly on a closer look, he discovers that the bodies lying there were not actually dead and would rise back again. Later mysterious events occur, and he realizes that the town is infected with some unexplained plague. Hence, zombies are overpowering the Kingdom because of which, therefore, the prince will have to fight to save his throne and the people.

The likelihood of Kingdom season 3 releasing is slightly high. Nevertheless, there is no update on the series timeline yet. This uncertainty is due to the COVID-19 Pandemic which many series had to face. Hence, the whole thing has been put down the lid since.

According to the sources and previous successful hits, the Kingdom is supposed to release in the upcoming year 2020. Followers and fans of the series are anticipating another season of Kingdom to hit the screen soon. Once the series receives a confirmation for the next season, we will get a specific release date.

Until then, we must hang around for the makers to claim some details and information regarding the season.

Kingdom Season 3: Cast

Kingdom Season 3: Release Date

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In case you enjoyed season 2 of Kingdom, we know how fond you might have grown for the characters and their roles. We have not yet received an update regarding the upcoming cast for Kingdom Season 3. Although fans anticipate the narrative for another season, which characters will be seen reprising their roles back in the third season?

The main cast, which we can assure you of, will be seen in Season 3 Kingdom include:

  • Seo Bi as Bae Doona
  • Ju Ji Hoon as Crown Prince Chang
  • Ryu Seung Ryong as Cho Hak Ju
  • Kim Sung Kyu as Yeong Shin

One new member added to the show cast of Kingdom in Season 2, which was Jun Ji Hyun, the Korean star. He will come into view in the forthcoming season 3 of Kingdom, though her character remains inexplicable, raising expectancy among the audience about mounting the probable plot.

Therefore, we can expect almost all the cast from Season 2 to reprise their characters in Season 3. Ju Bae Doona will be seen as the quick-witted physician Seo-Bi. Kim Hye-jun will be seen as Queen Consort Cho, Ryu Seung-ryong will be seen as Minister Cho Hak-Ju, and much more of the secondary might make a comeback surrounded by the other ones reappearing on the series.

There might be some add-ons to carry forward the different plot of the show, and obviously, whose names will be made sure later.

Kingdom Season 3: Plot

Previous seasons of the horror-thriller TV show ‘Kingdom’ wrapped up by influencing a strong fanbase with imminent suspense and adventure. So, season 3 will resume from where it left off in the previous season. Kingdom Season 3 shall focus on the strange plant seller. Also, the new-fangled young prince will be the lead character of ‘Kingdom 3’.

As we distinguish in the previous season, the scrounger stirred up the new king’s mind, making him grow older quickly that is much older than his actual age. Hence, it will be fascinating to watch whether he turns into a monster, seen in the second season of the series, or return as a human zombie hybrid.

Therefore, it is fascinating to watch whether he will become a monster or, as continued by season 2, come back as a human Zombie Hybrid. Season 3 of Kingdom will be seen all inscribed by the parasites and will disclose the city’s massacre’s real culprit.

Kingdom Season 3: Crew and Latest Updates

Although Kingdom the audience and critically acclaimed have highly praised Kingdom, the web series has a different genre and a narrative, which keeps the audience, hooked to the storyline. Netflix has not yet confirmed any specific release date and other important detail regarding the upcoming Kingdom Season 3.

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