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Juice Wrld Net Worth. How Much Did Juice Wrld Earn?

Juic Wrld net worth

Juice Wrld is one of the youngest American rappers who have been very successful. He has gathered wealth from rapping, and he was among the top paid rappers. His serious rapping career began when he was a teenager in high school.

A fantastic thing with him is that by age four, he was able to play the piano. His interest in music was, therefore, deep down in his heart. His mother played ab important role in helping him nurture the talent. 

To master music lessons and piano playing, she even paid for her lessons—his skills in playing instruments further extended in playing drums, guitar, and the trumpet. Most notable is how he did his first record without professional instruments.

How much is Juice Wrld worth?

Juice Wrld Performing

Personal details

  • Celebrity name: Juice Wrld
  • Full Name: Jarad Higgins 
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: December 2nd, 1998
  • Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Death Date: December 8th, 2019
  • Age: 20 years
  • Height: 1.71 m
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Rapper, Singer-Songwriter
  • Net Worth: $4.5 million

The early life of Juice Wrld

Juice Wrld’s real name is Jared Anthony Higgins. He was born on 1998 December 2nd in Illinois in the USA. A Music talent in him got discovered at a very early stage. It, therefore, became the responsibility of her mother to nurture his talent.

He was born in the year of the tiger, and his birth sign is Sagittarius. At the age of 3 years, his parent divorced and left with the mother. 

He attended school at Homewood-Flossmoor High school. However, at a minimal age, he became a drug user. At grade 6, he started heavy drinking, and at 15, he started taking Xanax and Percocet’s. It was still at this level when rapping began.

His first stage name was JuiceTheKidd as he released the first song entitled forever on SoundCloud. In 2015 and again in 2017, he did ‘Too much cash,’ which many people loved.

Other rappers much inspired his rapping career. They include Keef Chief, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Billy Idol.  One thing that he mastered so well was emo, rock learning, and genre-bending.

Death of Juice Wrld

On December 8th, 2019, Juice Wrld died at the moment when his career was picking up. He has started gathering wealth, and the prediction of his direction could be traced. An unknown medical condition was responsible for his death.

He started experiencing challenges while on air to Chicago.  After experiencing convulsions and seizing, and rushed to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Illinois. That was the last time he was alive. 

However, in January 2020, the autopsy result showed that he died because of an overdose.  He has taken too much oxycodone and codeine. This is after the pilot reports said that there were illegal firearms and drugs. 

In an attempt to hide the drugs, he swallowed many of them, which turned to be harmful to him. However, one of his close friends admitted that Juice Wrld was an addict if Percocet. 

Juice Wrld achievements

Juice Wrld started his production worked in 2015, and his first track was very successful.  He dropped various songs on SoundCloud as he worked in a factory that fired after some weeks.

The release of ‘Too Much Cash’ was in 2017, which was an instant hit. It was followed by Debut EP,999, Which featured in June 2017. He finalized the year in December with 3-song EP ‘Nothings Different.

Juic Wrld Rapper

Juice Wrld Rapper

It was back in 2018 when he signed a multi-year deal with Interscope. It covered 2018 and was valued at $3 million. The release of Lucid Dreams was in May 2018. The album featured and scooped position two on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Goodbye and Good Riddance featured on March 23rd, 2018. A mixtape is done in memory of fellow rappers featured in 2018. A second one, which was about Wrld on drugs, was a very impactful hit.

His achievements have been a great contributor to his net worth. Within a short time, he got so much wealth.

The net worth of Juice Wrld

The most exciting thing with music is that it keeps earning even after the death of the artist. In 2018, his net worth was $3 million. It is, of course, a good start for an upcoming artist. However, his value has continued to grow between his death time and now.

At the moment, we estimate that his net worth is $4.5 million. His music is still hitting the markets worldwide hence earning under his name.

Other sources of income

Juice Wrld had other sources of income that generated income for him. Tours and concerts were some of his good sources. Streaming services that feature on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes have kept earning him lots of cash.

There are very high chances that the estimated amount could be more than the stated amount.


Although Juice Wrld died in 2019, his legacy still goes down the books of history. His passion for rapping that started at a tender age is very inspirational. His achievement within the short time he had lived is still remarkable.  What is most surprising is his sudden and mysterious death.

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