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Game of Thrones season 9. Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Game of Thrones

If we talk of an exciting show with many followers, then Game of Thrones is one. The series is very famous and has captivated many viewers. Viewers received each season from the first to the eighth with a lot of applause.

The story was mystical and is composed of 7 kingdoms striving for power. The iron throne is what each of the seven kingdom wants to sit on. It dates back to a time where there were kings, dark magic, witches, and dragons.

In the series, the story starts with Jamie, who was pushing Bran through the window to hide secrets. As a result, Bran undergoes suffering, and as he gets into paralysis and comma. 

The king dies in an accident when Nedd Stark is called to become a hand to the king. However, Nedd realizes that Joffrey isn’t in Roberts’s blood, which makes him change in deciding on the right person to sit on the throne.

Game of thrones

Game of thrones

The decision turns up against Nedd, and he ends up getting killed. War, therefore, breaks between the seven kingdoms. Its flow continues through the eight series with a lot of fantasy, drama, and war encounters.

The first time the show premiered is on 2011 April 17th. It is adapted from the novel ‘ A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George Martin. Part of the things that contribute to the fame of the show is the ice and winter themes.

The drama show creators are David Benioff and Weiss D.B. Its eight shows were very successful. Each viewer has closely followed the three-story arcs. 

The ending of the 8th season left each viewer in suspense of what happens next. The big question, however, if there will be season 9 or not. Below are our findings.

Game of Thrones season 9 release date

Fans of the Game of Thrones are tuned for the news about the release of season 9. Game of Thrones is set for a renewal of season 9 in 2021. After the renewal, there is a process of shooting and making the video. 

The expected time for the release of Game of Thrones season nine is towards the beginning of 2022. However, there may be changes that may make the season feature earlier than that. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some delays may make the release and renewal much later. 

The cast of Game of Thrones season 9

Game of Thrones Cast

GOT Season 8 Finale Cast

There are very high chances that all the members of the cast will feature in the 9th season. Each person is likely to resume the part they played in the previous season. Sean Bean will maintain being the main character of the show.

Other cast members featured in the previous seasons and are likely to feature in the 9th season are as follows. Richard Madden, Jon Snow, Rose Leslie, Art Parkinson, Michelle Fairley, and Sophie Turner. 

The most exciting thing that the series won a series of Emmy awards that added to its fame. We expect to have more tough actors who will take the show to the next level in the season.  More details about the cast will come with the updates about the season.

The plot of the Game of Thrones season 9

As the novel continues, the show keeps advancing. The place where the series ended is where the 9th season will pick up from. Although the makers announced that the season could be the final, the chances of its continuity are still very high.

In the previous seasons, we see the fight for power between families and kingdoms. This features in one of the arcs in the kingdom of Westeros. The reason for the fight and the hustle is to have a political and military stronghold. Each family fights so that they are valuable to the Iron Throne.

The second arc is all about the rise of Daenerys Targaryen. Daenerys is the only person existing from the old dynasty. She works hard in finding the lost throne and getting what is rightfully hers.

In the third arc, the story is about the Night’s Watch. It doesn’t show time but protects the boundary of Westeros. They work hard to put the white walkers away from the land of the living. White walkers are zombie-like creatures whose work is to kill and get killed. 

The story, which is American based, is full of fantasies and action. An amazing thing is about the three arcs building the story together. As the story grows, it gets to the point that it is no longer about people fighting but a fight between the living and the dead. 


There are no updates about Game of Thrones season 9. We are, however, tuned in case there will be any so that we keep you updated.  The ending of season 8 did not clearly show if the series is ending or not. We, therefore, have very high hopes for Game of Thrones season 9.

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