Food Wars Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew, and Latest Updates

Food Wars is a famous Japanese TV show based on manga series illustrated by Shun Saeki and written by Yuto Tsukuda. The series is apt for people who are big-time foodies.

Season 3 of Food Wars was separated into two parts, or as we say in Japanese anime series, two cours.

The expression ‘cour’ means a particular segment consisting of 10-14 episodes, which may or may not be followed by another segment. The fans highly admired the initial segment of Food Wars for its distinct storyline.

The Third Plate hit the screens from 4 October 2017 to 20 December 2017. The second segment aired between 9 April 2018 and 25 June 2018. Fans are anxiously waiting to unwrap the narrative for its final and fifth installment of the series Food Wars. Season 5 of Food wars was expected to premiere in 2020 but looking at the instances; we might expect a delay in its release.

The best and most admired parts of the series are the episodes where food preparation is shown. Looking at the recipes and organized prepping of food items, it is evident that the makers of the show have sincerely done their research to the extent the study goes. Apparently, all the recipes featured on the show are tried and tested before they are aired their own screen time.

Food Wars Season 3: Release Date

The knack with which the food is shown in the series is enormously striking and makes us wonder about the perfect expression with which it represents in the real life.

This is because probably the artists who are involved are exactly aware of the colors and amount of lighting that is supposed to be used. The show is a source of entertainment for the foodies and those involved in extending their knowledge about food, cooking, cuisines, and different recipes, those in the food industry.

For every procedure, there is a finer running commentary in the backdrop that illuminates you about the positives of the food item, and the flavors are blending to make the dish what it is supposed to be. The animation might just appear to be two-dimensional, but the sensation it provides for the food certainly gives a realistic experience.

Due to the global pandemic, there are other episodes facing a delay, and the show runners announced the broadsheet episodes would launch from mid-May and might get delayed. Season 3 of Food Wars Shokugeki, no Soma was already released and managed to gain immense popularity. Official producers have decided that they will only announce the further part in 2020.

However, Netflix has not yet announced the release date of Food Wars Season 3. Although it’s expected date is supposed to premiere in December 2020. In fact, many fans have expressed their disappointment and argued over the fact of buying the broadcasting right of the hit series Food wars because of which Netflix should release all the available seasons.

According to Netflix’s sources, the streaming platform will release its seasons in different stages and segments, similarly to how they premiered the Pokémon Journey. Assuming that the series will be made available to the viewers roughly after 3 months of the previous season, fans can look forward to the fifth track of Food Wars to crash in late-December 2020 or early in 2021.

Food Wars Season 3: Cast

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The assertion of the series ‘Food Wars’ is without a doubt not that unique. Still, the brilliance and perfect execution with which they showcase other essential elements of a struggling artist is par excellence. The storyline might follow the basic tales but the way it is covered make this anime a great TV series to watch.

Food Wars gets its name from the people who are a crazy food lover. Those who wish to try something new and can be willing to sprinkle some effort can get several recipes that they can follow. The previous seasons were highly appreciated for the fantastic portrayal of food but were criticized for the exaggerated cliché plotline.

Viewers have incorporated a fondness for the anime series’ characters because they can relate to different character stories. The voice cast for each character in the series includes

The Main Voice Cast includes:

  • Blake Shepard – Soma Yukihara
  • Stephanie Wittels – Erina Nakiri
  • Jad Saxton – Megumi Tadokoro

Other secondary show cast and their voice cast includes:

  • Anthony Hunter – Etsuyan Eizan
  • Benjamin McLaughlin – Kojiro Shinomiya
  • Christina Kelly – Alice Nakiri
  • Clint Bickham – Isami Aldini
  • Brittney Karbowski – Hisako Arato
  • Allison Sumrall – Hinako Inui
  • Andrew Love – Daigo Aoki
  • Greg Ayres – Zenji Marui
  • Bryson Baugus – Takumi Aldini
  • Corey Hartzog – Shoji Sato
  • Houston Hayes – Shun Ibusaki
  • Jennifer Gilbert – Urara Kawashima
  • John Swasey – Senzaemon Nakiri
  • Geraldo Anzaldua – Ryo Kurokiba
  • Luci Christian – Yuki Yoshino
  • Karlie Hoch – Nao Sadatsuka
  • Juliet Simmons – Mayumi Kurase
  • Kregg Dailey – Akira Hayama
  • Monica Rial – Jun Shiomi
  • Kelley Peters – Ryoko Sakaki
  • Jay Hickman – Joichiro Yukihara
  • Scott Gibbs – Satoshi Isshiki
  • Ty Mahany – Gin Dojima
  • Rachel Landon – Ikumi Mito

Food Wars Season 3: Plot

Food Wars Season 3 tires to shatter the monotony and make an effort to bring something novel to the anime series. The third season continues the expedition of Soma at Best Culinary School in Japan where he has to now struggle with the finest to mark his place amid the “Elite 10”.

The “Elite 10” consists of excellent culinary students who get a hold to decide the future course of the school’s prospectus. The rivalry stuck between students seems to be healthy until the ex- student returns back to the school and starts using his exceptional powers. It is to modify the track of the formerly followed set of courses and the only one who can discontinue him from making these depressing changes is Soma himself.

Food Wars: Crew and Latest Updates

From classic to innovative series, Netflix has an exceptional library of new and aged anime for us to enjoy. Food Wars is an anime that has five complete seasons, with the most up-to-date part closing on 25th September.

Season 1 of Food Wars hit the screens way back with 24 episodes in 2015. Season 5 of the Food Wars series consists of 13 episodes in total and was released in 2020 April but it was due to the global pandemic only two episodes aired. Viewers are waiting for the rest of the episodes to air

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